Stoner Playlist

The Ultimate Stoner Playlist

Got a joint in hand? Need some chill songs? Then roll up and roll up a chair to sit back and listen to some good tunes.

This is our Top 10 Stoner Songs 2014 –

12) Easy Skanking by Bob Marley

Spark a joint? Let’s get in the mood.

11) Ganja Farmer by Marlon Asher

10) I Get High by Filo

9) Ganja Bus by Cypress Hill ft Damian Marley

8) Up by Wiz Khalifa

7) Insane in the Brain by Cypress Hill

6) Krazy by Tupac

5) Smoke to This by Apollo ft Yung Central

4) Three Little Birds by Bob Marley (8 Bit Remix)

I don’t know what it is, but the 8 bit remix of this makes it soooo much better when you’re f*cked.

3) Saneria by Sumblime

This song is purely for the music video…

2) Cannabis by Bob Marley

1) Tres Equis by Cypress Hill

Hope ya enjoyed our Ultimate Stoner Playlist!

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